Famous Men and Women of the Civil War

Wilson's Creek
Wilson's Creek The Battle of Wilson's Creek took place in Southwest Missouri.
Sunken Road
Sunken Road The Sunken Road was the center of the Hornet's Nest, a vicious fight at Shiloh in southern Tennessee.
New Salem
New Salem The author visited New Salem, an impressive reconstruction of the Illinois village where Abraham Lincoln lived as a young man. This photo shows a reproduction of the store owned by Lincoln.
Thayer's Approach
Thayer's Approach Union soldiers dug a long trench up a hill to assault a Confederate position at Vicksburg in western Mississippi.
Elkhorn Tavern
Elkhorn Tavern Tis replica of Elkhorn tavern marks the spot of heavy fighting during the Battle of Pea Ridge in northwest Arkansas.
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USS Cairo
USS Cairo The USS Cairo was raised from the Yazoo River and placed on display at Vicksburg National Military Park.
Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman Learn about Harriet Tubman in FMWCW.
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Pea Ridge
Pea Ridge The Battle of Pea Ridge took place in northwest Arkansas.
Olustee Battlefield
Olustee Battlefield A cannon is on display at Olustee State Park in Florida.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents A list of the Famous Men and Women
Inside Job
Inside Job The interior is chock full of photos and maps.
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Famous Men and Women of the Civil War adds to the tradition established by educator John Haaren in the early 20th Century. Haaren believed that history is more interesting when the reader develops a relationship with the people involved in the historical events. In Famous Men and Women of the Civil War, Clark Highsmith tells the story of the most important event in American history from the perspective of people who participated in it. Learn how Famous Women Harriet Tubman and Clara Barton contributed to the Union war effort. Take to the battlefield with Famous Men such as Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson, William Tecumseh Sherman, Robert E. Lee, and Cherokee General Stand Watie. Investigate the political challenges facing government leaders, including Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson F. Davis. Alacrity Press is proud to publish this original title in the hope that a new generation of readers will gain a deeper understanding of the war between the states.


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Famous Men and Women of the Civil War by Clark Highsmith

Published November 2017


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