• E.W. Bullinger has returned!

    Ethelburt William Bullinger was an Anglican pastor, Dispensationalist, and gifted theologian. The author of classics such as Number in Scripture and Written in the Stars, Bullinger approached Bible study with a devotion that few scholars have ever matched.

    In How to Enjoy the Bible, Bullinger teaches believers to gather the meaning of words from the passage, identify and analyze the structure of passages, understand the importance of context, and other important Bible study skills. After reading this classic work, today’s Christian will be better equipped to fulfill Bullinger’s “One Great Requirement of the Word:-‘Rightly Dividing’ It.”

    In The Giver and His Gifts, Bullinger engages in an in-depth study of the Holy Spirit with an emphasis on the use of pneuma (spirit) used liberally throughout the New Testament. upon completion of this book, the reader will have a greater appreciation for the work of the Holy Spirit and His role in the Trinity.

  • Free chapters added

    We have added free chapters for both Famous Men of the Second World War and Famous Men and Women of the Civil War. The links are on the pages for each book. We hope you enjoy both and decide topurchase the books.

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    Welcome to the updated Alacrity Press Website. We hope to keep this updated as new books become available.


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